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The Men Behind The Weapons

In medieval history, one of the most important types of people was the blacksmith or “smithy.”  The smithy was responsible for the weapons replicas of today.  His job was to make, repair, and maintain the village weapons as well as those used in the medieval military.  Virtually all of the replicas in our catalog originated with a medieval blacksmith.  In addition to weapons, he made tools for the village and is also due credit for the armor replicas that are also available wherever medieval weapons replicas are sold.

Forming Safe Shopping Habits

If you’re looking for a great buy on medieval weapons replicas, the best place to find it is online.  We can certainly offer you some of the best medieval weapons replicas on the market, and our prices are certainly competitive.  But finding them online is the best way to go no matter which medieval weapons shop you choose or how many replicas you’re looking for.  You know the reasons—convenience, wide selection, 24 hour access, etc.  But like many people, you may feel a bit apprehensive about shopping for medieval weapons replicas online, and everything else for that matter.

The Parts of a Sword

Medieval weapons are familiar to us for the simple reason that we see replicas of them every day, in the movies, in movie ads, in picture books and reference books, even in display cases at various museums.  Actors and actress see medieval weapons replicas up close and personal every time they enter a set where a medieval period movie is being filmed.  Some of these replicas are designed to prevent injury during filming, such as the dulling of a sword.  For those of you who collect medieval weapons replicas, you see them every time you walk through your living room or wherever it is you have them on display.

Our Fine Fire Breathing Friends

Are you in the market for medieval weapons replicas that feature some type of dragon?  Perhaps you’re a dragon collector and you’re looking for something to add to the medieval flavor.  Our weapons replicas will certainly do the trick.  You can choose from swords, knives, daggers, axes, several of which include beautiful dragon engravings and designs that any medieval weapons lover can appreciate.  Like all high quality replicas, our medieval weapons have the look and feel of the real thing.  That’s what replicas are all about.  After all, dragon or no dragon, what good is a medieval scene if the weapons, the costumes, and other exciting replicas don’t leave you feeling like you just stepped into the Middle Ages?

Age of Chivalry

The sword was devised as a weapon of individual combat in the Age of Chivalry. In medievil times before the advent of gunpowder and rifles, swords were the weapon of choice for men that presented themselves as gentlemen, cavaliers, or mercenaries.